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Wounded but undaunted, unbeaten, unbroken.

Me, Myself, and I

br>Call me: Leah. Or think of something more imaginative.

Look like: Brown eyes. Dark brown hair.

Smell like: Chanel. Number 5.

Talk like : Southern yankee. A little twang, a little west coast, wayy to much midwest.

Dress like:Boho chic. Fabulous. The Salvation Army rocks my socks. Favorite place to shop: A sale. I can wear anything, or so I'm told. I wear earrings everyday or else the sky will fall. I always wear a watch and 4 beaded bracelets on my wrist. Eyeliner almost everyday. I have about 20 different shades and 5 differnt shades of masscara. :)

Everything else:| Senior @ Northern.
| I love to laugh.
| I don't love to cry, but it feels good.
| I end up doing it a lot.
| My friends mean more to me than I can ever explain.
| I have a ton of friends, in several states and countries.
| I own enough earrings to wear a differnt every day for 4 months.
| My favorite numbers 13.
| I love hockey.
| And hockey boys.
| And soccer boys.
| And soccer.
|And boys are great in general.
| High school sports are better than proffesional.
| I play the violin, and I don't want to.
| I would die without the stage.
|I sing, dance and act.
|Triple threat. :)
| Indian jewelery owns my soul.
| I'm constantly moving: bouncing my legs, tapping my foot/fingers, something.
| Sometimes I just make up a tune in my head and start grooving to it....in class.
| History is my favorite subject.
| I'm going to be the next great american filmmaker.
|I want to live in London
| I love humanity, its people I can't stand.
| I love sweet people.
|I call people dahlin' (a la 40s movie star), dear, love, sweets, hunny, suga...a lot.
| Even if I don't like you.
| Once I start crying its hard to stop.
| I love hugs and don't really like kisses.
| Milkshakes make things better.
| Its best not to play tennis when you're upset.
|Someone might get hurt. Heh.
| Sometimes I get tired of trying.
| I love the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
| They're hilarious.
| Have you ever lost your glasses? And they've been on your face? I have. More than once.
|I'm pretty insane.
|If you don't like me, deal with it directly.
| If I had a band, I'd name it "The Sultans of Swing".
|My favorite song is Dream On by Aerosmith.
| If you don't like Aerosmith, what the fuck is the matter with you????
|Fuze is yummy.
|Orange M&Ms taste the best.
|Things look beautiful when they're away from you.
|I lived in the south, I say YA'LL. Get over it.
|We must believe that its going to get better.
|Don't give up, never give up.
|We won't stop giving all we got.

Everything Else

Art. Music. Dance. Poetry. Acting. Drama.

-talk about things that nobody cares
--wearing out things that nobody wears

Replace hate with understanding, compassion, and acceptance

i'm in ravenclaw!


Days until Bush leaves office.

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